Welcome to the website of De Bokx ICT.

De Bokx ICT is a company that is specialized in building websites and webapplications. De Bokx ICT is distinguishes itself by building your webapplication according to your needs, for a reasonable price.
Therefore your opinion is taken into great consideration before we start building the website or webapplication.

De Bokx ICT helps various companies by building and maintaining their website or webapplication according to their needs. Additionally we also often cooperate with several partners to build bigger and more complex websites.

Please visit the services and portfolio page to get an impression of what you can expect from us. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.

Latest Work

Publisher "De klimmende ster" distinguishes itself by supporting the author in perfecting his/her manuscript. Guidance is done intensively and on a personal base. De klimmende ster aims at an endproduct of high quality, where printing costs are kept as low as possible, so your book can be sold for a competitive price. Recently a new website has been developed which includes a whole new responsive design.